Steering Committee approves 8 Interreg projects!

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Steering Committee approves 8 Interreg projects!

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The trinational Steering Committee of the Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE) programme met on 25.04.2024 in Maastricht and approved the first 8 projects for the current funding period. These will start in the coming months and contribute to making the three-country region greener, increasingly innovative and more social.

At its fourth meeting, the Steering Committee, the programme's selection committee, approved 8 applications for cross-border projects totalling around €30 million. About 15 million euros of the funding comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Steering Committee consists of representatives of the partner regions and advisory members, including economic and social partners. The representatives of the programme regions decided unanimously on the projects. Their official "GO" is based on the analysis of how the projects correspond to the programme's selection criteria and confirms the quality of the submitted projects.

The priorities of the projects

The 8 projects fall under the 3 priorities of the programme:

  • Priority 1 - A more competitive and smarter Meuse-Rhine region: 4 projects
  • Priority 2 - A greener, low-CO2 Meuse-Rhine region: 1 project
  • Priority 3 - A more social Meuse-Rhine Region: 3 projects

More information about their planned activities and results will be available on the programme website this summer. We look forward to accompanying the projects and supporting their realisation.
Details concerning the selected projects