Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE)

Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE) funds projects in which partners cooperate across the national border. We are a cooperation between 5 regions in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. In the coming years, a total of 176 million euros will be available for cross-border projects, of which the EU will provide 125 million euros. The rest of the funding will come from regional co-financing from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany or from the applicants' own resources.

Challenge 1: Industrial transition

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial transition. Industry 4.0 poses significant challenges for the region, but at the same time, it also offers fantastic opportunities for economic excellence. Bringing together cross-border innovation capacity creates new business opportunities for sustainable economic growth in the programme area.

Are you working on cutting-edge technologies and services, or projects focused on improving people's skills and talents?

Challenge 2: Green Transformation

Since the Paris Climate Agreement and the Green Deal, Europe is increasingly making the transition to a green society and economy, creating jobs and social benefits and protecting essential resources.

We are open to ideas to boost renewable energy, mitigate risks due to climate change, accelerate the adoption of circular concepts, and promote a 'greener' labour market and training.

Challenge 3: Healthier citizens

Research shows that, on average, residents of our region are less healthy than in other European regions. To address current and future health issues and jointly develop innovative health solutions, cross-border cooperation is essential.

We seek projects that stimulate the application of health innovations, strengthen the labour market and education for the healthcare sector and improve accessibility to cross-border health services.

Challenge 4: Tourism in a high-quality region

The beautiful landscapes and strong cultural heritage attract many tourists and day-trippers to our region. In addition, residents also enjoy the quality of life offered by the area. Tourism is strategically important for the economy and also has the ability to address socio-economic problems.

Therefore, we are open to innovative ideas that contribute to a high-quality and diverse tourism offer.

Challenge 5: Live and work without borders

The border region offers tremendous opportunities in terms of quality of life for its residents. But the borders are also barriers.

We want to make the region more attractive and functional through cross-border cooperation and the removal of barriers. The ultimate goal is to make life better and easier in the programme area.

Our programme regions

Interreg is one of the key instruments of the European Union (EU) supporting cooperation across borders through project funding. Its aim is to jointly tackle common challenges and find shared solutions.

The Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE) programme supports cross-border cooperation in the border regions between Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Collaboration is essential to make an impact in our regions. Get involved!

The themes mentioned above are challenges for the border region between the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. To meet these challenges, we are looking for companies (small  and large), government agencies, non-profit organisations, etc. that want to make the border region better through their impactful activities.

Fortunately, we are surrounded by many organisations and companies that specialise in these fields and want to cooperate across borders. Each partner plays a specific role to make the border region better and creates its own impact to accelerate progress. Do you have any ideas? Contact us soon to share them with us!

Do you have a project idea?

The Interreg Meuse-Rhine (NL-BE-DE) programme makes funding available for projects that contribute to cross-border challenges in the region. Do you have a solution to a cross-border problem and want to collaborate with partners across the border to realise your idea?

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If you want to submit a project application, the first step is to use the form for step 1 in the download section in order to put your idea down on paper. The documents for the next steps can also be found here.

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Are you unsure whether your project is eligible for a financial contribution? Feel free to contact one of the advisers in your region. We will be happy to advise you and help you with your project idea.